Make Your Event Unforgetable—Instantly

Today you want your digital photography to be amazing branding to be integral and most of all fast Pixel Titan is the only event photography service that can deliver all of this Only Pixel Titan can provide on site photo services at no net extra cost to you It can even serve as a source of revenue generation Contact us to learn how

A Win-Win-Win Scenario

Everyone wins with PixelTitan

It starts with your customers or event attendees, who get amazing photos shot by a professional photographer the same day, for free! But not just any photograph, one that’s customized to make it a true souvenier, and that’s easy to share with family and friends.

For your event or venue...

Happy customers are repeat customers. Branded photographs are memories but also reminders of what your events mean to you. PixelTitan also offers post-event engagement tools, that continue to leverage and build on what might otherwise have been a one time interaction. Don’t miss out!

For Marketers & Advertisers

Businesses know branding has value, but when it‘s something the customer wants to keep, and is integrated into the experience, that’s a real win. While others may slap on a logo, only PixelTitan offers same-day, professional photography with next-level brand integration, along with post engagement reporting that’s marketing gold.

Pixel Titan vs. ‘the other guys’

Traditional Photography

Anyone can stick a logo on an image, and that’s all other photographers can do. Worse, they take days to do it. That was fine in 1998, but today people want to see the photos instantly.

Integrated Branding Makes the Impact

PixelTitan does so much more with branding, offering customized solutions that make your brand a part of the experience, not just an afterthought. Same day delivery means people can share the event while it’s happening, making them much more likely to do so—75% more likely. That’s making an impact!


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Photography & Lighting


1-2 Professional Photographers (4-hour coverage)

Lighting Setup

Professional Setup: 1-2 hours before event)

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Graphics & Producing

Custom Design Service

2-5 days, depending on complexity.

Digital Green Screen

Immediate to 1 day

Photo Producer

Ensures proper uploading to the site & multi-delivered locations continuously throughout and post-event for 1-2 days

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Online Hosting & Delivery

Indefinite Hosting on Custom Microsite

Live within 1-2 days post-event

Instant Digital Delivery



Timeframe depends on quantity and printing options, e.g., 1-2 days


About Us

Deliver the Best Version of Them

Our journey began with a clear-eyed vision: to redefine the marketing landscape through a unique blend of photography and strategic storytelling. In a world saturated with content, we understood the priceless value of authentic, relatable, and striking imagery that doesn’t just capture the eye, but captivates the heart.

Our Team

We’re a dynamic collective of creative strategists, seasoned photographers, and marketing mavericks. Each member brings to the table a wealth of experience, a zest for innovation, and a shared passion for turning ideas into impactful visual narratives.


Your brand is not just another project for us; it's a new narrative waiting to be told through a lens that celebrates its unique essence. With Pixel Titan, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to propelling your brand into the hearts and minds of your audience, one frame at a time.

“Our goal is simple yet profound: we don't just document events, we amplify your brand’s essence through experiential storytelling crafted in media. The magic unfolded before our eyes when we saw how powerfully imagery could tether emotions to life’s events.

We aren’t just clicking shutters and handing over photos; we're crafting visual archives. Each image we capture isn't just a fleeting moment, but a ticket back to the cherished memories, the laughter, the applause, the shared glances of success.

We aren’t just photographers; we are your brand’s visual storytellers, ensuring that the essence of every event is etched in memory, ready to be relived.”

–Steve Solidarios, PixelTitan founder

"Engage with Pixel Titan, and let's ensure every pixel plays a part in your brand's grand narrative."

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